The Righteous Seed

 Matt. 1:1-24  Matthew 1:17  States the geneology of Christ. And how  that there were 14 decades from Abraham to David  and 14 decades from David to exile into Babylon and 14 decades from exile until Christ. That was 42 decades. Through the murders, adultery, widowhood and so much more. Through it all the good the bad and the ugly, God fulfilled his promises. He brought Salvation through the line of David through Joseph. Joseph a righteous seed gave us an example of a man who made a decision to follow God and obey his word.  Imagine if he did not … Continue reading The Righteous Seed

Birthing the Blessing!

Birthing the Blessing   I had gotten on the scale earlier in the week and I was shocked at how much I was over my normal weight.  In fact I had progressively been gaining weight little by little over the last few months.   I’m sure many can identify with weight control struggles.  I really could not understand how I had gained so much weight. It was Saturday morning, at the end of that same week, when I got on the scale again. This time it showed me 9lbs lighter. I thought (happily), it was very strange,  because looking back I had … Continue reading Birthing the Blessing!

Look for the Rainbow

Are the trials of life getting you down? Money troubles? Spouse issues? Parenting? Just remember even in your darkest hour there is a rainbow shining bright. Just look up!   I was riding in the car the other day on my way to pick up my daughter from school, when I happen to look up in the sky ahead and I saw a rainbow peaking through the clouds.  It was just glowing with magnificent colors. I pointed it out to my mother who was in the car with me but she could not see it. I could not understand why … Continue reading Look for the Rainbow